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My undoing [by Sharada]

Posted in Life, Politics by Ratheesh & Sharada on March 3, 2016

I voted for change
Was prepared to ignore history of violence
For better roads; more jobs

I chanted development slogans
Believed would all get well
A better world for our children

Dreams grew bigger and bloated
New promises piled up
Felt good to shout newer slogans

A year later, no progress
Patience was wearing out
No reforms; no reason to celebrate

New devices were revealed
I passionately mouthed my support
To every protest; against protest

I shunned my ideals
I licked my wounds and still fought
For issues I didn’t believe in

My words got bolder; emotions run wild
Hurting my own; I no longer cared
The path was chosen; there was no looking back

I stood at a strange place
With nothing to call my own
In the company of friends I newly found

I now scream for the cult
I have bared my soul for the supreme
Shifted my beliefs; far far away

Our leaders moved on; the big agenda fulfilled
The thirsty got blood; and secured seats
Never looking back; never saying a word

The mask wore off; the promises fell short
In the parade of victory, only the powerful walk
With nowhere to hide, I cannot return

When I stand now in front of the mirror
And ask those difficult questions
Do I still have the voice left?

With conscience pricking; with anger tearing
I have to bear the burden
Of the future; and of the past


We have our Cartoon!

Posted in Animals, Environment, Humour, Links, Politics, Sarcasm by Ratheesh & Sharada on February 26, 2010

We have started another blog where we have released our own Cartoon Series. Called Quibbles, the cartoon series will attempt to comment on various social concerns. You can read more about it here.

We just got some valuable feedback !!!

Posted in Humour, Politics by Ratheesh & Sharada on March 14, 2006

We finally had someone other than us read our blog !! Anyways, our friend mentioned to us that our post “Mr. Bush visits India” should not have been Mr.[Beep] visits india. After all we don’t wanna label someone, do we? And Bush-bashing was not the point of the article in the first place. Thats not what this blog is about.

PS : If you do happen to be interested in the president of US, you may want to visit

Mr. Bush visits India [by Ratheesh]

Posted in Politics, Sarcasm by Ratheesh & Sharada on March 12, 2006

Here we have a large country, with its large share of problems. We can boast about remote villages which the government is not even aware about. We can boast about the ever increasing population. We have illiteracy, malnutrition, female infanticide. We have a society full of goons who look at the women folk only with the eyes of lust. We have schools with no infrastructure. We have the court of law which cannot be approached by the common man due to the amount of time it takes resolve legal issues. We have corrupted politicians. We have almost rowdy-like police force. We even have corruption in our county’s defense.

We can boast about public and government who have complete disrespect for the rules and regulations of the land. We have a government which seems to encourage the mindless destruction of natural resources. We have politicians who are ex convicts and still pursue their prior jobs while in power. We have children dying of hunger. We have old folks refused their pension by pot-bellied, corrupted officers. We have traffic police who flaunt their talent of extortion in broad daylight. Yes, the problems in our country can run into pages.

And yet, we call ourselves the ‘developing’ country. I recently heard that we can call ourselves ‘developed’ too. I could not help but laugh.

With all these issues in our homeland, our Prime Minister just had a welcome party for the worlds most ridiculed and hated man, who also happens to be the President of the United States. What for? For bringing to his notice that India is now ‘ready’ and ‘responsible enough’ to be a Nuclear Power. Now, my laughter gives way to certain sadness. Should our Prime Minister be really bothered about making India a Nuclear Power, which end of the day means India throws away it’s ‘Peace’ garb and accepts on warfare mentality?

Isn’t it time our Prime Minister set his priorities right? Or does he not have the right to decide what is wrong and right for his country? I personally do not know. But all the more, it makes me feel ashamed that I live in a country which keeps its Nuclear power status, it’s Cricket, its Bollywood actress and its fashion guru’s in the forefront and shoves the actual problems of the countrymen aside.

It is time our Prime Minster had a reality check of sorts. We are not going to gain anything from Mr.Bush visiting India. This is a country where the rich become richer and the poor become poorer day by day. The rich one in the large car with his ‘Business Today’ might care about this visit. But our very own dear farmer in the remote village of India would only bother about getting his daily rasam rice for his family. I wish our PM realizes that, before it’s too late.

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