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My undoing [by Sharada]

Posted in Life, Politics by Ratheesh & Sharada on March 3, 2016

I voted for change
Was prepared to ignore history of violence
For better roads; more jobs

I chanted development slogans
Believed would all get well
A better world for our children

Dreams grew bigger and bloated
New promises piled up
Felt good to shout newer slogans

A year later, no progress
Patience was wearing out
No reforms; no reason to celebrate

New devices were revealed
I passionately mouthed my support
To every protest; against protest

I shunned my ideals
I licked my wounds and still fought
For issues I didn’t believe in

My words got bolder; emotions run wild
Hurting my own; I no longer cared
The path was chosen; there was no looking back

I stood at a strange place
With nothing to call my own
In the company of friends I newly found

I now scream for the cult
I have bared my soul for the supreme
Shifted my beliefs; far far away

Our leaders moved on; the big agenda fulfilled
The thirsty got blood; and secured seats
Never looking back; never saying a word

The mask wore off; the promises fell short
In the parade of victory, only the powerful walk
With nowhere to hide, I cannot return

When I stand now in front of the mirror
And ask those difficult questions
Do I still have the voice left?

With conscience pricking; with anger tearing
I have to bear the burden
Of the future; and of the past


A day in the life of my cat [by Sharada]

Posted in Animals, Humour, Life by Ratheesh & Sharada on September 4, 2015

(from his point of view, as understood by me)

Oh it is time to wake up already! Alright! Great, the big door opens. Now they want me to come out and speak to them. First things first, ah.. nice stretch; most important thing after waking up… and a nice big yawn! Good morning, human. Yes, I mean you. Ah, you made me happy, thank you. Yes, a little bit more there, yes I love a well meaning scratch. Yay! I am free! I am free!

Wow, everyone is up. What were they doing? Hmmm, some nice smelling stuff coming from the room where they make the maximum noise and from where all my milk comes from. Oh, they are again eating some vegetables. It was smelling good, but on closer observation, I am not interested. You won’t believe how much they eat! And they keep shoving things into their mouth, sometimes it makes sound, sometimes it smells weird and sometimes it is watery. But all I get is some granules, they smell great, does not have much taste. But I eat them anyway.

What’s that? Hmm.. an intruder. Let me hide and pounce on him. Oh no, he is flying. Will climb on the table where they keep all their food. Aww.. why do you keep scolding me? I was only trying to catch the fly which I felt is a threat. Nevermind, he escaped. But only till next time.

Ah, Good morning, this is my favourite human. It gives me what I ask for. I mean, most of the time, atleast. I think it has understood me to some extent. But keeps touching me. Ouch, why are you cuddling me? Am I a baby? Come on, treat me with some respect. I am protecting you. I am an individual and as big as you, in cat years that is! Do you go around carrying your teenage sons? Don’t embarass me!

Hey, what’s that sound. Seems like an enemy, the pigeon. Grrr.. I hate them. I don’t know why. I just can’t stand them. So noisy… Let me go chase them away, stupid creatures. Grrr… hey you! stay away! I mean it! I reserve the worst expression possible for them, the most disgusting one. Let me go out and look at the road. Ah… run! What was that? My, I just ran inside in time. They make terrible, ear splitting noise and some humans seem to ride them. I don’t understand why they cannot pass silently. Scary stuff.

My stomach is rumbling, let me go be nice to my human. I will play with it and be nice to it and maybe it will give me my milk. Aww, so cute. Let me give you a small nibble while I am at it. there, do you like it? Oh you want more? Oh now you want to get into a friendly fight? I am ready, come try me! Oh now why are you screaming at me.. you asked for it! Strange.

Ah, finally I smell milk. It is pouring into my dish. lap… lap.. lick.. there! ah, satisfied. Now the post eating ritual of cleaning my fur. I am feeling itchy from last two days, these damn ticks have got me. Grrr… I will eat you! I never get them, however hard I try.. They are very troublesome. Sometimes I wish a human comes and scratches me, just that it does not know where to scratch. It means well, but scratches at wrong places and I get annoyed. Sigh.

Oh someone is going up the strairs, I can hear it! Let me run and reach there before them. It is my favourite place in the house. The open terrace. I can roll there, chase butterflies without being threatened by enemies. And, yes, I can keep an eye on those darn pigeons too from that height. Ah, why is the door closed now, sad. Oh great, it is opening it. It wants me to go out too. But wait, you can’t go away, leaving me here all alone. Come on, play with me. It went away. Nevermind, let me roll and feel the cool cement ground on my back.

I can sit here all day. There is so much to see and do here, unlike inside. Inside the house, everyone is busy doing something, I don’t exactly understand what. They seem to be eating a lot; a lot more than they should be. But they sleep very less, unlike me. I mean, what else do you need to do other than hunt, eat and sleep. They seem to be having a lot to do. They even talk to each other a lot. Wish I could understand what they say.

Oh my human looks like is abandoning me and going away. I hate it when they do not even notice me and walk away. Hey, I am sitting here, I want to sit here for some more time. Can you not stay with me? Ok, let me go downstairs and meet my other human. Meow… they seem to understand if I make a sound. No, no, thank you. I already ate. I don’t want food. This human is really dumb. It always thinks that I want food. I am not like you. I don’t eat all the time. I was saying a casual hello. You could either play with me or just say a hello. Food!

Ah, finally, I got someone to play with. This one is really good. It puts up a good fight. I would love to do this for some more time, but it gives up very easily. But I know, this one had trained me when I was little. Some of my fighting instincts were triggered due to the fights we used to have back then. If only… if only I can really fight with someone my equal! There is a big guy next door. He just stared at me the other day and I ran like hell for my life. He looks really intimidating. I will have to face him soon.

For now, I am the pampered little kitten. I can do as I please. And, my humans just love me. I love them too. So, I don’t see a need to go out anywhere. But I know, one day, I will become big and have to go out. That is what all cats do; atleast all male cats. Ouch, what is that bright light in my face. Who is this? Hey, it’s a new human. Never seen it before. It is pointing some weapon at me, might hurt me. They keep getting this box and it spits out bright flashes of light that hurts my eye. But it ends soon. Things I have to endure!

I see a spider! Wow, let me chase it down. And, just as I was about to kill the spider, something pulls me away. Ah, it is a human. It doesn’t want me to eat spiders? Is that what it is about? Oh, maybe it doesn’t want me to sit on top of their color box. The box that keeps emitting colors and sounds all the time. Somehow, the humans are able to leave all their work and sit staring at this for hours. I tried looking at it, I see a lot of colors. The spider seems more exciting.

Hey, a moving object. Could it be a rat? Let me hunt it down. Oh, it is not a living thing. Nevertheless, let me pretend it is a rat and hunt it down. I will hold it between my legs and kick it well and bite it at the same time. I will dig my claws into it. It is boring if it doesn’t even move. Oh, the human is coming towards me. What does it want? It wants to hold the rat, I mean that thing. It is throwing it. Yay, it is moving again. Let me run and hunt it down!

I am tired now. Time for a nap. Hmmm, where do I settle down? This couch smells weird. Not good. Let me jump on the sofa and try it. Hmmm, this is warm, looks good. Let me settle down here. Hey wait a minute. This is my place. Come on. Humans are so insensitive sometimes. I did all the hard work and found the right spot and now it wants it and it doesn’t even ask me. Just takes it away and drives me out. Now, I say, that is rude. Anyway, I will try the chair.

Is anybody going up the stairs? I want to run around in the open area. Hellooo “meeooowww” how do I communicate with these humans? They are so occupied with their own world all the time, what about me? I mean, I am the special person in this house, am I not? Let me go and rub my body against their legs, they seem to always fall for that. Come upstairs, understand? Oh no, not again. I just ate. Don’t keep giving me food, you fat lady. I want you to take me upstairs into the open. Yay, finally!! it is moving towards the stairs, let me run and beat it to the top. Now, come on, open the door. I will ask nicely, once again, please open the door!! Ah, good, it understood pretty well. Wow, the warm floor, let me roll on it and get some mud on my hairs. This is so much fun! Hey human, where are you going? Are you not gonna play with me, now come on, don’t be a spoil sport. Just a little game of chasing and hunting? Yay! it is coming outside, let me chase.. Ha Ha, this is so exciting.

Ok, I need a break now! I am so tired, let me take a breath. That stupid black bird again sounding alarm calls. Yes, one day I will come and eat your eggs from your nest. Aaarrrrgggghhhh I don’t like the sight of you. Go away.

Hey, where are you going, human? Are you tired too? Ok, I will just sit here, while you go and do something else for sometime. I will explore the pathway that will take me even higher today. It seems pretty steep, but I think I am ready for it. Once I get there on the top, I will get a very good view of all my enemies and can defend my territory well. But first, I need to sniff around for hours together every inch of that ladder, just to make sure it is safe.

Human! I am here! Yes, on top. I am sure you cannot smell me, because you only seem to rely on your other senses, mostly eyes. Oh you are calling out for me, ok meeoowwww, here, look up. It looked now, wonder how it sees when it is dark. I mean, it is so much easier to just smell and find out and be quiet. It is a strategy all animals swear by. Anyways, humans seem to be very unlike us. So let it be. Ah, it seems to have got me something to eat! How considerate, I was just getting hungry. Would love to nibble on some food. This makes me so happy… Puuuurrrrr Puuurrrrr Yes, stroke me little to the left please, ah, there, that feels so good. Will you play with me after I eat?

So much fun to lie in shade of a tree in the afternoon, without a care for anything in the world! How I wish I had a sibling to play with, would be so much easier. The human ones don’t seem to enjoy the outdoors, they always lie on soft bedding indoors. Just come out and see how good it feels to be in the sun! Hey! Wait a minute! Was that water? Oh no, rain… what do I do? Run… oh damn, the big metal door is closed! Helloo, anybody there? Come on, open the door!! I am getting wet! Let me try to open it with my claws, oh no, it doesn’t budge. What bad luck! Please, someone come and rescue me! I am all alone in the rain, getting wet. Have you forgotten me? Your cute little kitten?… open the door! open the door! open the door!!!

Ah finally, I hear footsteps, thank you, thank you. Oh God, that was terrible. I thought I will just get wet and sick. Ah, let me run inside to some warm spot. No… Noooooo …. Don’t rub me with that stupid cloth. I am very well capable of licking myself clean. Yuck! How disgusting. I am okay. Yes, I know, I got a bit… scared… I mean, a bit… anxious… I am okay now. I am totally fine. Whew! That was some rain, but now that I am better, I want to go out again. Guess the rain has stopped? Actually, it was fun! But don’t know why they close that metal door? It would be so much easier if they leave all doors as they are! open! Actually, why do you need doors anyways? Just to create blockages? Is it some kind of trap? Why can’t you always leave everything open, free passages?

Did you see the human who is generally kind to me and who understands me? No? Yes, I am asking you, the man with the stick, yes, you. Did you see it? What? Why are you shouting at me? Now, what did I do? Let me go and sit in the bathroom. I am hurt. That is no way to talk to a little kitten. I don’t know what I did? Why did it scold me? I will pee all over the place where you are and then you will have to wipe it. You understand? Let me do that right away! Yes, now, how do you like that?

I am sensing some danger, I hear something downstairs. Oh my! A huge hairy dog! How did he get here? Are they trying to get me killed? Let me quickly hide in a box and be quiet. This is really dangerous. I will be hunted down like a smelly rat in no time. Why would someone get a dog to this house! Don’t they know I live here now? Lie low, lie low. He can’t smell me till here. Ok, he is going. Whew! He left without any mishaps. Now that’s a relief!

Let me step out now and survey the area. And I need to be sure he is gone. Hey! what was that? I am just swept off my feet, completely caught off guard! Oh no, another human, which comes sometimes and all it does it lift me off my feet and cuddle me. Ewww I don’t like that at all. No, human, this is not how you play with us cats. You just come for a friendly fight, you run around and chase me or we will just follow some moving objects. Cuddling makes my fur messy and I will need to sit and clean it all over again. And, it rubs off some undesirable scents on my body, which again I will have to clean. So, let me be clear, don’t do it! Or else, I will.. bite you!!

I have found a new fascination, it is flowing stream in the room from where pleasant aroma keeps coming once in a while. But there is one problem. I will have to wait till the human that understands me comes and does something to turn it on. Rest of the time, I sit and wait in front of that thing all day and not a drop of water comes out. There is some trick which I haven’t yet figured out. Yes, it is here, it will turn the water on now. Yay! I love to drink cool water from this stream. And catch the sparkling bubbles sometimes. It makes a gurgling sound too, that is so fascinating. I didn’t realize I was so thirsty!

Now, I am ready to play! Yes, it is almost night and I am totally charged up and ready to hunt! Come on, human, come and face me in combat. Yes! I am waiting here in the dark to suddenly pounce on you. Oh no, now.. what happened? I just got lifted off my feet. no… nooooooo…. it is taking me upstairs. I know what this means. It will leave me in a closed room to sleep. But hey! human! I am all ready and charged up… to play! I don’t want to go to bed now. Please… some more time… I beg you… Don’t take me there! Let me jump off… oh no, I got tricked! I got locked in the room now! Scratch scratch… let me out.. I am not ready to sleep yet! Come on, open the door. No use. It left me and went away. It will not come till morning now. I better settle down on my cozy chair and sleep. Anyways, there is no danger in this room, so I need not stay alert. Yawwwwnnnnn!

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The Searcher’s block [by Sharada]

Posted in Humour, Life, writing by Ratheesh & Sharada on August 31, 2015

From the most eloquent best sellers to the newbie amateurs, from the authors of great epics to weekly columnists, it has impartially crept up on all writers at some point or the other. You might attribute your missed deadlines to it or hide away your procrastination behind this mysterious, dark curtain. But you have to acknowledge the writer’s block.

“Oh, that!” “gosh!” “there is no such thing” “of course, sometimes…” these are some reactions you receive from seasoned writers who can readily give you their theories about it or free advice on how to overcome it.

It is that sudden “abortive” emptiness that you experience when you finally sit down to write something. You start getting nervous and annoyed when you take the pen to a blank sheet of paper or a blinking mouse cursor to the first line in a blank word document.

Being a writer, I can find myself nodding agreeably to these symptoms of writer’s block. But how many of you have experienced the “Searcher’s block”?

You are sitting in front of with some bouncy animation pouncing at you, threatening to distract you while your mouse cursor is blinking on that empty text box which urges you to type anything.. anything! And, you cannot remember what you want to search for.

You may have found answers to the deepest questions, solutions to all your problems right at your fingertips, but you just seem to go blank and develop cold feet or rather, cold fingertips.

It is like God appeared and said “I will grant you any wish you want. Just name it! Anything!” and you just stand there blinking, stammering, biting your lips, stupefied, and not knowing what you really want.

How disdainful! Especially since everyone else seem to be happily finding all they ever wanted on Google, from long lost friends to secret slimming recipes to phone numbers of their favourite celebrities. IT IS ALL THERE. You only need to ask!

Till then, I would have mentally noted all that I need to ask Google, but, why on earth can’t I remember anything meaningful? What makes this worse is the fact that just because I got to the page, just because I made the effort to boot my system and open a browser, I start looking for generic, meaningless terms that Google rewards suitably with irrelevant search results.

This is not the same as knowing what you need but unable to key in the right words that will give you the best results. That is a different problem altogether.

My worst nightmare is when I am in some remote place, where you need to change buses, walk kilometres to reach a place where you get network and it is a rather slow network where the google home page takes a couple of minutes to load and after all the effort, I just can’t remember what was it that I was seeking.

It used to happen to me when I had to go to a cyber center, when I had ten minutes still left after sending my emails, and I wanted to make the best use of the paid time. Then when I start searching for lame, useless stuff, I would feel like kicking myself.

That, my friend, is the “searcher’s block”. Just like all other blocks, it is real; it is right there hiding, like a virus waiting to attack its next unsuspecting victim!

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44 little ways you can save the planet

Posted in Environment, Life by Ratheesh & Sharada on September 20, 2014
  1. When you leave a room, remember to switch off lights / fans
  2. Do not leave gadgets on Stand by mode unnecessarily
  3. Always hibernate your computers, switch off monitors when not in use
  4. Do not throw plastic covers containing edible items, always empty them into food pits, separate out and wash the covers before throwing
  5. Avoid asking for plastic bags in shops, always carry your bag or shop for lesser items that you can carry with two hands
  6. Adjust the refrigerator temperature / AC temperature according to the weather outside
  7. While buying electric gadgets, always check for their power efficiency and buy the most efficient
  8. Buy only as much as required, avoid wastage
  9. While running washing machine, always load it to the maximum extent to save on water and detergent
  10. Try to walk distances whenever possible
  11. When buying items, always buy ones that do not come in with lot of throwable packing
  12. Do not wash cars everyday, use limited water and no soap
  13. Use only 20% of prescribed (or advertised) amounts of cosmetics, toothpaste, ointments etc.
  14. Reuse vessels during preparation and serving, do not take new plates for second servings
  15. Always carry a mug and spoon for coffee in office to avoid paper cups / stirrers
  16. Do not use AC in car when not necessary
  17. Switch off automobiles at every given opportunity at signals
  18. Use the water from washing vessels / vegetables etc. for watering plants (but make sure they do not have soap mixed)
  19. Carry enough vessels when parceling food from hotels
  20. Use CFLs instead of bulbs
  21. Feed edible leftovers to animals – cows, squirrels, birds
  22. Make small notepads out of paper, use one sided printed paper for making notes
  23. Print non-legal documents on both sides, two per page to minimize paper
  24. Print only when absolutely required, do not print any documents that can be read online / on computers
  25. Always carry a hard kerchief / hand towels and avoid tissues
  26. Do not flush toilets to the fullest all the time, only use as much water as necessary to maintain basic hygiene. Use flushes that come with this feature
  27. While ordering food, always order less than the maximum require quantity, more often than not it will be sufficient
  28. Use power saving modes in computers, electronic devices to adjust brightness, switch off monitors etc.
  29. Buy locally grown vegetables and fruits, avoid exotics (at least limit their use)
  30. Give preference to locally made products within the state / country that minimizes transport
  31. Be vegetarian
  32. Always look for handmade alternatives made locally instead of industrially manufactures, it will use lesser resources
  33. Buy / Borrow second hand gadgets when possible
  34. Give away stuff that you do not have use for, you could prevent someone else from buying a new one
  35. Grow your own vegetables
  36. Avoid calling both the elevators, one will go waste
  37. Take a paper napkin only when you have to use it (not out of habit) and take only one at a time
  38. Buy good quality, durable material so as to avoid frequent use and throw
  39. Run a bath (using bathtub) rarely, use showers sparingly, use limited water in a bucket for showers
  40. Use good quality fuel, even if they are slightly priced higher than the regular, in the long run, it will save on mileage and wear and tear
  41. Buy clothes that are hand woven and colored with natural dyes, these will use lesser resources and does not contribute to industrial pollution
  42. Opt for electronic mailers, indicate that you do not like to receive hard copies
  43. Use unpolished rice, it is healthier and reduces processing effort
  44. Turn off Wi-Fi, locator services on phone when not in use to save battery

Spinning the Yarn [by Sharada]

Posted in Film, Life by Ratheesh & Sharada on September 12, 2014

A far away voice proclaimed “Food is ready…”


“If you could please excuse me… I know…. I hate it too, to leave such important work incomplete and take a break.”


“But even the most responsible people need to spend time with their loved ones. I had promised my mother, no matter how busy I get, I will definitely have lunch with her. And, that is one promise I cannot go back on.”


“What did you say? I am forsaking one promise for keeping another one? No, not really. I will be back in a breeze. So, make yourself comfortable while I go about my domestic duties as a son.”


I think they will wait for me; after all, they came after me this time.


“It takes a lot of discipline ma, but I always will ensure that my lunch hour is with you, one full hour, no disturbance.”


“Here, l am switching off my phone. I was in the middle of an important meeting with Mr. Sampath, you know, the movie producer. Yes, that’s right, he is the one who produced “Nanna

Ninna Naduve”. My next is with him, if all goes well.”


“Oh come on, why talk about work now…”


“What have you made for lunch today? Avalakki? Is this why I came leaving such an important meeting?”


“But today is ekadashi, so cannot eat rice, Partha” mom started again.


“Oh, now you don’t get started on all that superstitious stuff again. I am tired of it.”


She knows how best to spoil a perfect day with silly traditions.


“It is for your good only, I am keeping a strict vratha for you” she started.


“Ok whatever, see, I don’t interfere with your puja, the least I ask for is a nice little meal, rice, sambar.”


Ok leave that, now tell me how is your knee pain?” I thought changing the subject would make it a pleasant conversation over a meal


“I have to get a surgery done, that is the only way I can get rid of the pain, doctor told me again”, she answered, “… but it is very expensive, we cannot afford…”


I hated this topic, but she raised it every now and then. It was not that I could not afford it, I get a lot of money; of course lose it easily too. It is all part of life in show biz. But, a few thousands for my mother’s surgery is something I could afford. But she never understood this; she believes that we cannot afford it.


“No, ma, don’t go for surgery, that is not the best way… try Ayurvedic massages, you follow traditions when it comes to food, why not follow ancient sciences when it comes to surgery?” that silenced her for the moment


“Ok, now I should go back to my work”


“So, Mr. Sampath, where were we?” I had to negotiate this contract today, if this slipped, by any chance, I would have to knock on doors again for work. I had to convince him that I had the right script.


“So, the hero looks into her eyes and then …… ”


He looked convinced, although, I must have gone a little overboard on the emotional part of the story. But melodrama is a vital part in any script. What if I had exaggerated it a bit, I could always go back and re-write some of the pieces.


“I think so too, Mr. Sampath, the audience will get their towels wet, not handkerchiefs. Ha ha.. ”


“Ok, sir, I shall wait to hear from you”


Yes, I nailed it, sucker will be back for more. Always tough to extract the advance from him, but I shall have to wait patiently. I can give this to my mother for her surgery, at least she will not go around telling neighbors that her son does not take care of her.


Creativity stems out of extremes; extreme happiness, extreme sorrow, extreme fear… for me it comes out of extreme exhaustion. I have to be completely exhausted at the end of the day to even be able to write a couple of decent pages of the story. I know it might sound strange, most of the writers I know need peace of mind and relaxation before they can start writing. Even my favorite authors escape to the Swiss Alps or the Himalayas to be able to write their masterpieces.


But not me, I get inspiration from extreme tiredness, when I have pushed myself to the limits. Then I open a bottle of whisky and stare outside the window, that is when I start feeling my characters speaking to me, I can almost see a different world just on the other side of the glass.


When I was a little boy, I remember telling my mom that I see people outside the window. At that time, I could not comprehend that they were not “real” people, so I would be ridiculed or reprimanded. I would often force myself to shut my eyes tightly and sleep, because, I knew I could not speak about this to my classmates at school. If only my father would have been around, I felt he would have understood. He was, after all, a dreamer, a storyteller, just like me.


All my famous stories have come out this way, during the busiest days. I push myself to the extreme limit of exhaustion, and then, in the near collapse stage, my mind clears up all of a sudden and characters that were hazy till then, somewhere lurking in the back of my mind, become vivid and come to life. It is as if I pass out and enter a different world.


I know my life itself can be a story someday, but as of now, I do not see many takers for such stories. So I stick to writing love stories, emotional family dramas that fetch the maximum price in the industry. Generally, stories come out of personal experiences, to say that I have written fourteen love stories so far, and have not found the love of my life or for that matter have not even been close to finding one might be hard to believe.


But that is the truth. I am a loner, a self-proclaimed recluse, extremely talented, at the brink of my career success but not so lucky in family matters. And why would I believe in love anyways, I have seen my parents being in love for a few years and then tearing each other apart in hate for the next few. It was so bad that, just before their divorce, they could not even stand each other’s shadow. But I stood by them; I understood that they had to separate. Quite a display of maturity for a ten year old, they said, but I was not surprised, because, I just understood.


So here I am at yet another love story, this time I am sure it is going to clinch it. My last script was a super hit, I had almost tasted success, but that sly Guru took all the credit. So much so that my name was nowhere mentioned in the credits. They changed the main character from female to male and just twisted the ending, but all along, it was my story. I had cried for a whole month, I did not come out of this room, just wanted to hide my face in darkness. But, I did not press charges; such copyright issues are common in film industry. Which is why, I just believe in my writing only, rest is not in my control. I just continue to write, get better with each script.


“Do you want to sleep all day? Wake up and do something”


ah… morning, that was ma, her usual “suprabhatam” trying to get me out of bed. She does not get it. How many times should I tell her that I am mature enough to wake up myself, I know when I have my meetings and I shall be all ready by then.


“Partha, go have bath, breakfast is ready”, she was relentless.


I dragged myself out of my bed, towards the bathroom. Mom had arranged my clothes and towel neatly and had filled the bucket of hot water, all I had to do was have bath. She pampers me to the point of spoiling me, maybe it is her way of repenting for the misgivings the divorce has inflicted on me.


“Nothing interesting on TV, how can these channels keep showing us the same old stuff” mom complained.


Mom loved her serials on TV but whenever anybody was around, she wanted to show that she was not interested in what she was watching. The unintelligent serials, made worse by frequent commercials was too poor even by her standards. Considering there was nothing better to do all day, she settled to the comfort of the (aptly named) idiot box for company.


“This director tried a movie, but it bombed at the box office, wasted considerable amount of money from producers, now he is directing TV serials” I used to give her “inside information” from the industry to alleviate her boredom.


“I had met this guy the other day, you know, that actor, Rahul, his real name is Sanjay. He was tired knocking doors of directors, finally he is on TV and look how famous he has got now.”


“They wanted to take him for the next movie I am writing the script for, but I told them he is not a new face anymore, my story needs a new face”


I glanced at mom to see if she was entertained by my trivia. She did not say anything, nor did she seem very excited, she had in fact, closed her eyes (and probably ears as well). I switched off the TV and started going through the film magazines I subscribed to, there were many, I wanted to read as much possible to stay abreast with the news. Mom always told me that there were too many that I subscribed to and could not afford it, I only told her to wait till my next big break, once I get famous, I will be appearing in these magazines and will be getting complimentary copies of many more.


I got totally busy with my story I was writing for Sampath, I got to see lesser and lesser of mom each day, but as soon as I stepped out of my home-office, she would be right there waiting for me with food or a glass of milk or fruits.


The other day I was surprised to find her in my room, dusting. “… so much paper all around… ” she was muttering to herself.


I got extremely angry almost to the point of hitting her “what are you doing here? Ma, don’t you understand that these papers are important to me… ”


Then I noticed that one of my scripts that was lying on the floor was missing, this is when I lost my temper “Who authorized you to go over my stuff? Where is my script, return it immediately… or else… ”


“What script Partha? I only found old newspapers strewn on the floor, so I cleaned them and gave it away last week… ” she explained.


“Are you stupid ma? Don’t you understand the different between newspaper and a script?” “I spend all day writing the script, and you just gave it away? so much hard work… God.. what will I do now… ”


She just looked at me dumbfounded as if I was speaking french or something… She neither apologized, not said anything in her defense. She just gave a sigh and walked away. Such carelessness, I thought.


A year later….


My movie got released today, I took my mother to the theatre, first day first show. The theatre was full, my pulse was racing and as the opening sequence started, I whispered to my mom who was adjusting her spectacle-clad eyes to the big screen and the lighting


“now the hero opens the umbrella and runs behind the girl who is ….. ” she silently listened to my half-lines, whatever I could whisper without disturbing the guy sitting next to me.


Halfway through the movie, I looked at her, tears were rolling down her eyes and she was wiping it off with the edge of her sari. The scene was not tear-jerking, in fact, to be honest, far from it, but I think she cried because she was proud of me. It was probably a very emotional moment for her to see her son’s story being shown on the big screen.


During the interval I bought her caramel pop-corn, I knew she had liked this earlier, but today she did not have an appetite. It was almost the end, she started getting up.


“Partha, let’s go out”


“But ma, the credits are yet to roll, don’t you want to see your son’s name coming on the screen?”


she brushed past my seat without answering and went towards the exit, as if in a hurry. I sat there torn between waiting for credits to roll and going towards exit, I decided to sit there and wait for the credits. It said directed by Phani I clapped, it said screenplay by Ravi, then, I waited, my breath almost stopping. It said story … by … Srinivas Murthy. Not Parthasarathy, I couldn’t believe it happened again. I sat there dumbfounded. I could feel my eyes clouding with tears, I could feel my cheeks getting moist. I had this terrible urge to murder the people behind this, in a rage I got up and stormed out of the hall.


I saw her standing there, in the bus stand opposite the theatre, with an empty look in her eyes, with her tears dried and no more fresh supply to wash down the shame. I wished that the earth would open up and swallow me, just like it did in my stories, when needed. I could feel a drop of water fall on my arm as I stood on the other side of the road, waiting to cross it. The next moment, it started pouring, I tried to look at my mother, who was by now trying to cover her head with her sari pallu. The rain created a sheet between us, creating the much needed cover for the naked empty space that was created earlier. I was not sure she had seen me, but the more I looked at the frail, obscure sari clad figure, the more I started weeping.


“I shall take you around in a car ma, just wait for this movie to become hit… ” my own words echoed in my head.


But I had to cross the road, I had to show her that I was brave. I went to her and kneeled down in front of her; and in that bus stop, in front of some random passer by motorists, for the first time, she hugged me. She sat down with me on the foot path and we hugged each other and cried. The warm, salty tears blending in with the cool, fresh raindrops and getting washed down the drain.


I tried explaining to her that it could have been a mistake, they will be able to correct it in the next reel, I am sure these days with digital technology, they could even correct it the next day. I asked her if she liked the story, she did not look at me, just continued walking, we walked all the way home.


That night mom walked straight to her room and I could hear her sobbing continuously.


Somewhere around ten, I could hear her speak on the phone, she never called anybody so I was curious to over hear.


“…. Raghu… he is your soon too… ” so it was my dad she was calling.


Probably she was elated to have watched her son’s movie and wanted to share it with her husband (uh.. her ex-husband, actually).


“He has seriously started believing it… no… it’s not like earlier now… Raghu, listen to me …. ” she trailed off.


I could only hear parts of it, but seems like she was trying to argue about something.


“…. He pretends he writes script for famous writers, he even has imaginary conversations with them, sits across a row of empty chairs at his desk.. all dressed up… ”


how audacious, how can she make such irrational statements about my behavior? I listened on.


“…. Raghu, I always wanted a normal son…. you know it… I never had any great expectations from him….. I want my normal son back… not a script writer, not a famous personality…… ” and then, she started weeping uncontrollably.


“….. why can’t I have a normal son? What have I done? God…. why this punishment…. ”


“It is not that… Raghu, please understand….. it is not that simple… ”


I did not have time for such accusations, I had a bigger job, tomorrow I had to call up the producers and ask them about my missing credits


“…. It was the limit today, he took me to watch what he claimed was his movie….”


“He even told me the story while watching… of course wherever it differed, he just said they had changed it… ”


“… of course he is making it up Raghu, I could not control my humiliation towards the end…. I knew he would be heart broken seeing the credits rolling.. so I got up and walked away… ”


Oh mom, stop it, I need to sleep. I could still hear her mumbling on the phone, but I drifted off to sleep.


The Next Day


“Partha, wake up… are you going to be in bed all day?”


“Ma, come on…let me sleep some more… I was attending phone calls till late night… “

Savithri [by Ratheesh]

Posted in Life by Ratheesh & Sharada on September 12, 2014


“Yes darling”, Savithri replied, as peacefully and lovingly as she always did. The tone was no different from her “Breakfast is ready” or “Go to sleep now, don’t sit on that computer”. Savithri rarely lost her temper. In fact the only time she did, was when Abhi, her elder son in a fit of rage had hit a classmate so hard on his face that the kid had collapsed. The incident had led to Savithri and her husband Raghunandan being called to the principal office. She hated sitting in front of the principal; shamefully, looking at the floor like one-of-those-mothers-who-could-not-bring-up-their-kids-right. Later at home Abhi had got a thrashing. But that was ten years ago. Abhi grew up to be a handsome young man no one could complain about. And Savithri was a proud mother.

“Ma! Ma! Ma!”.

“I am coming, baby”. While Abhi grew up to be rather silent, his younger sister Anu was the polar opposite. Right now, she cried out loud from the room because her hair-clip was missing. “Look carefully, you must have left it under the pillow or something” Savithri spoke as she searched the room keenly. Arranging the bed linen and moving the pillows aside she said “.. or you must have put it into your bag itself”. “Ma, you always tell the same thing”, Anu retorted. “And you always lose the same clip”. Both of them smiled.

“You are slowly becoming careless and losing …”


“… your things all over the place. Young girls should … ”


“… have some discipline and …”

“Maaa! I found it under the cot”. Anu was holding it like she found a gold coin under her cot. “See? didn’t I tell you that you always leave it there”, Savithri said while feeling much better about the situation. “You never told me that, don’t bluff”. “All right, all right, why don’t you quickly get ready; papa will drop you in 15 minutes”.

Savithri’s household was the synonym for chaos during mornings. If her husband putting on the daily news on TV did not contribute to the noise levels, you could rely on Anu to throw a tantrum. If her father-in-law did not complain about the breakfast then it was the maid who constantly nagged about the quality of washing-powder given to her. “Madam, my hands don’t get so slimy washing clothes at the neighbors'” she had once declared. “They are rich people; not like us” Savithri had retorted. Raghunandan, who wore his pride on his sleeve wanted the earth to cave and suck him in; he buried his head under the newspaper. It was always better that Savithri dealt with all this; he had neither the inclination nor the time.

“I want to be a doctor”, Savithri had said.

That was decades ago, when she was in school. Her teacher had asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up. Sometimes, during the afternoon when her father-in-law slept and the maid had finished her work and gone, when Savithri had the entire home to herself, she would lie down and stare at the ceiling thinking about how silly she was to even think she could become a doctor. While her eyes moistened, she thought about her journey through life. “Should I have opted not to marry?”, “Then again, did father have the money to send me to medical school?” she wondered. “Oh come on, money was not the problem … or was it?” she argued with herself. “Anu needs to get a good score in those exams”. “Why is Abhi so silent these days?” and then her thoughts trailed away.

“Why are you looking so dull?” asked Raghunandan. He meant to ask “You look like you have been crying” but avoided it altogether since Savithri was very particular about being a strong person; last thing he wanted was a situation where she would retreat into a shell. “I am not dull” came her reply. “Okay, if you don’t want to tell me, then don’t, but don’t try to convince me that you are alright” said Raghunandan almost regretting the fact that he asked; he might have as well got lost in some pending work from office instead.

“I am worried if Abhi is into some bad habits”. She was peeling away the cover from her pillow and looked away when she said that, almost whispering as the sentence ended. “What? What bad habits?” Raghunandan paid keen attention. “Like … bad habits … like” she said. “You mean he has a girlfriend or something?” Raghunandan tried to extract some humor out of the situation. “No. No. He has no girlfriends” Savithri replied a tad too seriously to that query. “Oh! now like that is a bad habit. Tell me what you meant first” he asked chiding himself not to kid with her again. “I don’t know, I don’t want to talk about it. But he has become very silent and dull. He was not like that before”. Raghunandan knew where this was going. She was starting to think her son was into some form of substance abuse, but even thinking about it caused her fear.

“You know Savithri, I really don’t think so. He is a smart boy and responsible, probably it’s just the work pressure. He just started working right; all that must be getting to him” he replied, trying to ensure that her fears do not take control of her senses. It was a sensitive situation and the last thing he wanted was for her to go and ask him something like this directly. “But you know what, I think you should speak to him” she said. “You hardly speak to him these days, I have noticed. I at least talk to him in the morning when he eats his breakfast here. You are always reading that newspaper or watching TV. I don’t know when those news channels will run out of money, at least you will have time for others”. “Ah, now its all my problem” Raghunandan said. It was not long before that conversation ended in bitter silence and both of them went to sleep, or at least pretended to. Staring into the darkness above both of them wondered about how to bring this up with Abhi.

“… your time is not good right now. All kinds of misfortunes await you. Shani is …”

“Appa, could you please switch off that TV” Savithri told her father-in-law who stared at the screen where an astrologer spoke to people over phone. “Shani it seems” she muttered to herself as she carried a hot Dosa towards the dining table where Abhi sat staring at his plate. Raghunandan sat next to him reading the newspaper. Savithri nudged her husband lightly as she walked past him. Raghunandan had completely forgotten the discussion from the previous night and looked at her and asked “What?”. These were moments that she hated. “How can he act so dumb, like he does not know. Whole night I was thinking about this while he snored away” she thought and walked away.

But he seemed to have remembered, because she heard him from the kitchen. “So Abhi, how is work?” he asked. “Ok” came Abhi’s reply, after what felt like an hour of silence. “Are you happy with work? Do they pay you well? Do you want me to ask Venu-uncle for openings in his company?”. “Dad! did I tell you they pay me bad?” Abhi finally spoke. “No”. “Did I tell you that I want a change of job?”. “No”. “Then why don’t you leave me alone”. When Savithri came out with another Dosa she found the dining table empty. Abhi had left for work and Raghunandan sat in the living room staring at her with the it’s-all-your-fault look in his eyes. “Ma”. It was Anu, and Savithri knew this episode ended here for the day.

“Where are you off to?” Savithri asked. Her husband and son seemed to be wearing their little used sport shoes and getting ready for something. Both of them looked sleepy-eyed but nevertheless spoke high-spiritedly. “Me and Abhi decided to go for morning walks from today. He did not agree first, but now he seems interested. After all he is my son” Raghunandan declared as the “my son” part invited certain looks from Savithri. “my son, yes of course when he is in the mood to say that”. Still wondering about the turn of events she moved to the garden to pick some flowers for her daily puja. “If not anything, at least he might get some time to talk to Abhi about his dullness” she thought as she plucked the best-looking flowers.

“Savithri, you make the best garlands”. “Savithri aunty this chutney is super”. “Savithri-akka the rangolis you draw are the best in the neighborhood”. “Savithri, no one has served me like you did during my illness”. Everyone seemed to shower praises on her. But yet, during most of the day she spent time thinking that she was somehow inadequate and was destined to do larger things in life. Although she never really concluded what those larger things were and why she could not attain them. “I am happy if my family and children are happy” she once told and forced herself out of a vortex of depression that she feared would consume her.

“You need to start behaving like a lady, Anu. Sit properly” Savithri spoke rather loudly for her usual self. “Ma, I sit like this all the time. I think you are angry with dad, so you are taking it on me” Anu said. Since Anu was right, Savithri did not want to accept it “Just because you sit like that till now does not mean you can always do. You need to behave; especially in public”. “But Ma, where is the public now? Come on!” she replied as she walked away into her room. “This girl will not understand” she told loudly enough so that someone heard, at least her father-in-law who sat with the small transistor to his ear. Her father-in-law, as always, never contributed to domestic communication.

Sarojamma was her name; Savithri’s mother-in-law. “A very kind woman” Savithri always opened conversations about her mother-in-law with that sentence. And she was not lying. When Savithri walked into this household, Sarojamma had tears in her eyes. Savithri never understood why but cried along and that is how they had bonded. Much later, she heard stories of Raghunandan’s little sister who had passed away while on a school excursion; a trip to the banks of Kaveri where the river had claimed her in a freak accident. Sarojamma had been waiting since that day for another daughter to take her place. “We cannot have a family without love and affection for one another” Sarojamma had once told her. “I understand” she had replied. The Savithri of today was very different from what she was when she was newly married. The only thing she did then was shadow her mother in law in the activities around the house and when she got a nod or a nudge from her, she retired into the room with Raghunandan. “What a timid lady!” Raghunandan had thought.

This was only till Sarojamma had suddenly succumbed a jaundice related infection. After his wife passed away, her father-in-law had turned into a very silent persona due to depression. Savithri hesitantly picked up the reigns and started taking care of the entire household. Nothing was left to abandon, every detail was looked into. Who gets breakfast when? Who likes what? When are the bills paid? Are we due for paying taxes? Do we need to fix the plumbing? “How much work!” Savithri sometimes exclaimed. Then again she liked it. In a weird way she had found her purpose. “Life does not come on a silver tray for everyone” she remembered Sarojamma’s words.

“Abhi likes a girl in office” Raghunandan chose what he considered a safe time to tell this. Savithri had almost got sleep and her eyes were shutting off. “What?” she replied drowsily. “Abhi likes a girl in his office, and he wants to marry her”. Savithri got up and sat on her bed, then without even asking any further questions she raised her eyebrows and straightened her lips and seemed to conclude something. “Oh. So that is it. I knew it was a girl. Poor boy must have got trapped” she said. “Hey, don’t claim things. You never thought it was a girl. In fact you thought he was onto some kind of drugs or something” Raghunandan corrected her stand. “Drugs? When did I say drugs?” she replied. Raghunandan did not pursue the matter since it was pointless with her. She probably just wanted him to handle it, and he had done it. Morning walks gave him ample time with his son where these things could be discussed in a man-to-man fashion. He was a proud dad.

The next morning Savithri declared “No chutney today, have some pickle instead”. Abhi stared at the plate. Raghunandan did not look up from his newspaper. It was Savithri’s childish punishment for both father and son because she was being kept out of this. “Ma” It wasn’t Anu for a change, it was Abhi who now held his mother’s wrist tenderly before she could get away into the kitchen. “She is a nice girl. You will like her. I was worried about telling you, that’s all” he said. “Okay. fine. Invite her for Ganesha Habba, but strictly with her parents. Dad told me they know already”. Savithri said as she moved away into the kitchen to wipe her tears. She was unsure if she was happy or sad.

Raghunandan and Abhi left for work. Anu retreated to her room. Father-in-law was sleeping in the living room. Savithri sat at the dining table humming a devotional song. “Thank god that is resolved” Savithri prayed to her deity. Finding absolute peace with no one to disturb, she decided to make some sweets for the Ganesha habba.

“Maaaa”. Anu wailed.

Inherited Guilt (Poem) – by Ratheesh Pisharody

Posted in Environment, Life by Ratheesh & Sharada on September 7, 2013
With controlled steps, progress we did
Whispering to each other, intrusion was forbid
Temptation to explore, invitation to be lost
A pained heart and a soul that wept
I pay today my forefathers’ debt
Moments of pleasure that money can buy
Luxuries abound, approaching I shy
Chained to fit in, freedom unheard
A pained heart and a soul that wept
I pay today my forefathers’ debt
Like a withered leaf on the forest floor
I slid through life, complaining no more
Contorted senses and a muddled mind
A pained heart and a soul that wept
I pay today my forefathers’ debt
Caught at high sea, life lost its sail
Here me o Lord, I have started to wail
Darkness sets in, courage walks out
A pained heart and a soul that wept
A clear conscience, forever I kept

The Cliff of Morality (Poem) – by Ratheesh Pisharody

Posted in Life by Ratheesh & Sharada on September 6, 2013
Far down below, water beats sense into rock
Puddles of wisdom form and disperse
Inviting yet intimidating the landscape so trecherous
I stand high above, on my cliff of morality
Wanting to jump, waiting to be pushed

Backyard Conservationist [by Sharada]

Posted in Environment, Life by Ratheesh & Sharada on April 17, 2011

Conserving rain forests, conserving wildlife, conserving glaciers, conserving endangered species – conservation is the buzz word now; the need of the hour. It is cool to be a conservationist at present, if you are not into conservation you are sneered at, looked down upon like the scum – like a fashion faux paus. It is the best time to cash in on the planet’s sad state; to make the most out of earth’s peril. There are various causes to choose from lest you are left behind due to lack of misfortunes. The chosen cause could be anything as long as it is related to saving the planet. “Saving the planet” causes are considered the elite in the conservation circles. There can be other “lesser” causes that could be close to your heart like child labour, however the conservationists are way ahead of these. The latest trend in conservation, thanks to the Fukushima disaster, happens to be anti-nuclear activism. Suddenly nuclear power has been promoted as the single most dangerous threat that the earth is facing.

In this age, a simple house wife’s meager effort to conserve the water that is over-flowing from a neighbour’s tank and getting wasted struck me like a sharp contrast and shook me up. As I got out of my bed and lazily walked downstairs one Saturday morning with breakfast being the only thing on my mind, I heard continuous flow of water outside our kitchen. I saw that our neighbour’s tank was over-flowing. The first thought that came to my mind was anger against the neighbour who had little concern towards world’s water problems. How could they afford to waste so much water when there is no drinking water in most parts of the world, aren’t they aware of the shortage of water and the water wars that are being fought world over. With the aroma of breakfast soon drowning these thoughts, I settled with the morning paper to enjoy my dosa. But soon I found my mom worrying about the water that was getting wasted. She wanted to see if I have some idea to route the water to our parched garden. I soon swung into action thinking of sleek ideas to connect pipes, thinking of water level, force, and physics of motion to see the most efficient way to change its course of flow into our garden.

With precious minutes past, with only thoughts and little action, my mom humbly kept a small vessel under the water pipe and started emptying this into our garden. The vessel would fill within a matter of seconds soon to be replaced by another vessel alternatively. My first reaction was ridicule; I told her how inefficient this method was – akin to filling an ocean with buckets of water. But her determination soon put me to shame and I decided to join the party, helping her fill up the small vessel and emptying it into our garden. Sitting beside this pipe, in our neighbour’s house and watching this small vessel fill up and my 67 year old mom’s excitement to see the plants being watered gave me a lot of perspective. I stepped down from my pedestal of earth’s conservationist and started enjoying this simple act of filling up small vessels of water and saving whatever little we could. I got completely involved in this activity and at the end of the exercise experienced complete satisfaction of being an active participant of what I would call “backyard conservation”.

With our busy lifestyles and “high thinking”, how easily we miss these simple but precious acts of conservation. Like the story about a zen master I read recently, who was considered as one of the greatest philosophers and when his country was in distress was called upon by the Government to save the country. His disciples came running to him and said “Master, the time has come, like you have always preached that we should save the people”. He simply smiled, got up and walked towards the pavement to help a beggar and said “It is not required to save the world, we only need to perform simple acts of kindness that can be of help to the needy at the moment and the world will be a better place”. And it is as simple as that. It is not necessary to think big and believe that you can save the world by doing great miracles. Simple acts make a difference to the world if each one of us starts to indulge in them at every available opportunity.

End of World or End of Us? [by Sharada]

Posted in Environment, Life by Ratheesh & Sharada on October 7, 2009

End of World has been a favorite topic of fiction writers, film makers and astrologers for ages. Even the common man has been intrigued by the various theories around this. While some are drawn to it due to the fear of destruction, some others due to their religious belief that shows them a possibility of after-life, most of them are drawn to it due to the sheer amazement and action that it promises.

Why is this such a popular topic?

  • People like to believe in finite things, having a start and an end. So if they believe (or are made to believe) that the world had a definite starting point some billions of years ago, they would expect it to have an end to it as well
  • Over the years, thanks to the media, this “event of a lifetime” has been glamorized and glorified beyond proportions that people secretly wish they can experience this historical moment in their lifetime (even if they know very well they might not live to tell about it)
  • It gives us a chance to discard our wrong-doings to the world, learn from our mistakes and start afresh
  • Religious beliefs associated with this phenomenon promises people life after death and attainment of salvation
  • It gives one a chance to go wild on imagination and let one travel vicariously into the “unknown”
  • Have an excuse to justify our actions which have resulted in irrevocable damage to the planet and shrug it off by saying “Anyway the world is going to end, so how does it matter we throw garbage around or not…”
  • Gives us an excuse to support our indifference towards the state of the planet and our inability to do something about it by saying “How does it make a difference whether I go by a car or walking, the world is going to end anyway…”
  • For businessmen, it is a great time to cash in on the superstitions associated with this phenomenon and use it to promote their products

How would this happen?

There are several theories around how exactly the world would end. Some taken out of history books, some created in the modern era, some predicted by astrologers while some others conceptualized and proposed by scientists. However, so far, we have not found one unified theory that has everyone’s acceptance which can predict with conviction the exact details of how this would all happen. Some popular theories include – 

  • Natural phenomena that would cause the global temperatures to soar, trigger rapid melting of the polar ice caps and in turn raise the ocean levels steeply resulting in submerging of major portion of land masses
  • Meteor showers that can penetrate the earth’s atmosphere and cause huge balls of fire to strike the surface at incredible speed
  • Shifting of the polar ice caps drastically that would result in the reversal of hot and cold areas and in turn cause the destruction of the life forms which would not be able to acclimatize to the drastic changes
  • Drought, Famine, Earthquakes
  • Epidemics, pandemics that would spread across the countries and bring about sudden deaths of large populations
  • Alien Invasion
  • Nuclear war among the nations that would end up destroying the planet

These are just samples, there are more of course. It has to be quick, intense, dramatic and enormous.

When I came across this phenomenon way back in 1999, when one of my teachers introduced us to the terminology “Apocalypse”, I was fascinated as many of us would at first be. It was predicted that 2000 would be the chosen year for this, but we all know that 2000 came and went, nothing happened. Now the year to watch out for is 2012.

Amidst these theories of ‘doomsday’, there exists a school of people who believe that the end of world has already begun. It would not happen on a specific date and time of a year, but will happen gradually. It will happen slowly but continuously over a period of time, taking away small pieces of land, wiping away small populations of people and species of animals. If we carefully observe around us we already see parts of this damage – polar ice caps melting, raising the sea level, flooding some places and submerging pieces of land. Countries are in war against each other, there is an outbreak of epidemics and pandemics.

It might not be obvious at first, but on closer observation, the findings are chilling. However, this theory is not as popular since it lacks action and drama – two main factors that draw the minds of the masses.

How are people reacting to this?

Different people react in different ways to this phenomenon ‘Apocalypse’. 

  • Some start squandering all their money and desperately start “enjoying” their life • Some turn religious, philosophical, god-fearing
  • Some start “donating” their assets and start their preparation for salvation
  • Some panic, not knowing what to do, go into depression and turn suicidal
  • Some look forward to it like an “event of a lifetime” – very excited with their cameras loaded
  • Some look at it as an opportunity to improve their business
  • Most remain indifferent, pretending to be ignorant and live in denial

Is it really going to end?

There are two ways to look at this – when we say ‘world is ending’ do we consider only ourselves (human beings) and believe that if we do not exist, then the world does not exist. The other one being the planet is going to become “lifeless”, completely wiped out of all the life forms and cease to live up to its unique status of being the only planet that supports life and become like one of our neighbors.

For some of us who are selfish, it hardly matters, what is the point knowing if the world exists if we (human beings) do not exist? So both the options spell doom. However, for some of us who are optimistic, love the planet more than our race, respect nature comprising of all elements that constitute life, the second option is very promising.

To believe that the earth would survive humans and continue to exists and support other life forms, long after humans are extinct is an exciting proposition. It gives us a glimmer of hope amidst the gloom of destruction we have caused the planet by our selfish actions. There are very strong facts supporting this. The earth has existed before we came in, it has supported life before we came in, we have come after a very long time and our entire life span (time between first humans came in and now) is extremely small compared to the life span of our planet. The earth can heal itself. Whenever there is an imbalance caused due to a particular species, the earth has decided to eliminate it and move on. At the rate humans are destroying the planet, we have become like a “disease” to the planet. According to Dr. W.W. Armistead “… the earth is a habitat and life source for human beings. But to the earth, human habitation is a disease, and human beings are arch parasites. To the pristine earth, the coming of Homo sapiens signaled the onset of a chronic, global illness, the outcome of which is still in doubt”. The earth would one day decide to heal itself of this “disease” and continue to create other life forms.

We might have altered this planet a great deal, some of the damages irreversible (like we have caused some species to become extinct) but that does not mean the end of the blue planet.

By systematically harming nature, we are successfully cooking up a perfect recipe for our own destruction – the end of human race. According to Oren Lyons, Faith keeper and Chief of Turtle Clan – “…The earth has all the time in the world. And we don’t”. By taking a positive action, we are only trying to save our own race. The earth can save itself. It has lived, it has survived, it is a fighter. It will continue to survive.. long after we are all gone.

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