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My undoing [by Sharada]

Posted in Life, Politics by Ratheesh & Sharada on March 3, 2016

I voted for change
Was prepared to ignore history of violence
For better roads; more jobs

I chanted development slogans
Believed would all get well
A better world for our children

Dreams grew bigger and bloated
New promises piled up
Felt good to shout newer slogans

A year later, no progress
Patience was wearing out
No reforms; no reason to celebrate

New devices were revealed
I passionately mouthed my support
To every protest; against protest

I shunned my ideals
I licked my wounds and still fought
For issues I didn’t believe in

My words got bolder; emotions run wild
Hurting my own; I no longer cared
The path was chosen; there was no looking back

I stood at a strange place
With nothing to call my own
In the company of friends I newly found

I now scream for the cult
I have bared my soul for the supreme
Shifted my beliefs; far far away

Our leaders moved on; the big agenda fulfilled
The thirsty got blood; and secured seats
Never looking back; never saying a word

The mask wore off; the promises fell short
In the parade of victory, only the powerful walk
With nowhere to hide, I cannot return

When I stand now in front of the mirror
And ask those difficult questions
Do I still have the voice left?

With conscience pricking; with anger tearing
I have to bear the burden
Of the future; and of the past


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