Cool Buddies

The Joy of Giving (poem) – by Ratheesh Pisharody

Posted in Uncategorized by Ratheesh & Sharada on November 18, 2015

Will not provide shade, the young tree remarked
Why should I care? The leaves are so mine
And so he proceeds to drop his leaves,
A leaf after another, down to the ground

Do it for yourself, and not for them
Advice he heard, from the grand old tree to the left
He dropped more leaves while the old one slept
Left with nothing but branches and stem

Birds without homes moved to the left
Desperate cries from the plants on the floor
Wake up old one! the young tree said
Nothing has changed, due to my actions alone

The old tree smiled, with birds on his arm
A squirrel that danced looked up from the ground
The one who gave always made friends
The one who gave got more than he had


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