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Our first book – “A fortnight in Khumbu” – A traveloons series

Posted in Uncategorized by Ratheesh & Sharada on August 17, 2014

In the winter of 2010, we took off on a trek to the Everest Base Camp in the Khumbu region of Nepal. Now, in 2014, presenting the book that reveals it all!

We are proud to announce that our book “A fortnight in Khumbu” is available on and

A fortnight in Khumbu

In India, order your paperback at Pothi’s :

Anywhere in the world, get your e-book at Amazon:

“There were moments in our trek when we regretted having embarked on this arduous journey. There were times when we felt we had made a mistake; a terrible one.

Nepal was not just about the scenery; those were a mere visual treat. Our body slogged and struggled to maintain its normalcy as the mind wandered off into uncharted territories.

Now, when we reflect on our experience, we do it with a sense of pride. For us, what started as a quest to see the larger than life mountains in all their glory, ended up as a learning experience about the little truths of life. The meaningful interactions with the Sherpas and our observation about their lifestyles infused a new dimension to our trip. In short, it changed our perspective about life itself.

This is the story of our uncertainties, fears, thoughts and triumphs.There is a conscious attempt to ensure that whether or not you plan to go on a trek, this book will tell a compelling story. For the serious traveler, it provides the necessary information on the preparation, the gear, contacts and what to expect. Also, tiny yet significant details like how to fasten shoe laces to avoid injury is not left to be assumed, greatly benefitting a first time trekker.

The unique blend of honest experiences peppered with witty cartoons provides the necessary balance between extreme emotions and the lighter side of life.”

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