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Ode to a Mother [by Sharada]

Posted in Uncategorized by Ratheesh & Sharada on August 5, 2014

I have not lived up to your expectations, but I strive to be a good human being

I have not become rich, but I try my best to help others in need

I have not become famous, but I have not done anything that will let you down

I have not taken you on trips abroad, but I have always made it a point to spend time with you


I have not got you the best of treatments, but I have been around to massage your tired feet

I have not thanked you for all you have done to me, but I worship you in my deepest thoughts

I have not told you how much I admire you, but I secretly try to become like you

I have not listened to your wise words always, but I know from my heart you were right


I have been brash; I have been foolish; I have been difficult; I have been indifferent;

None of which I am proud of

But I try to be kind; I try to be nice; I try to be right; I try to be around;

And, all this I value more than anything else in the world


You might not understand me completely

But one day, you might recognize me as being different from the others

You might not completely agree with all my thoughts and actions

But one day, you might remember me as a noble soul


You might not hear this often, but you are the most wonderful mother

If I could, I wish to have you as my mother many times over

You are my life’s most precious gift

I am blessed, I am indeed blessed!


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  1. techytalk said, on August 5, 2014 at 11:54 am

    Reblogged this on Javed Khan.

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