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Once they are gone [by Sharada]

Posted in Uncategorized by Ratheesh & Sharada on July 21, 2013

What do you recollect about your loved ones when they are not around? Would it be what they did exactly as you wished or what they did behind your back because you did not approve of it?

The beauty of being “human” entitles you to be what you are; allows you to be imperfect and still be loved as a complete being – flaws and blemishes all included. These flaws make you complete; gives a human touch to your being; makes you warmer and lovable; more approachable; more forgiving and free. Though people fantasize about the “perfect man” or the “perfect woman” in their lives, those lucky ones who have found their true love have understood that perfection is not real; perfection is at times cold and un-humanly.

What you fondly remember about your grandmother is not the fact that she neatly folded her clothes and kept it arranged in her wardrobe; it is her naughty smile when she would get caught stealing sweets which she is not allowed to eat as part of her diet. What you recollect about your grandfather is not the way he reprimanded everyone at home for being disorganized but the way he would squeal and lift up his dhoti and run at the sight of a house rat!

The way your husband throws his wet towel carelessly on the bed; the way he gorges on food at midnight and feigns innocence when confronted; the way he leaves his coffee-mug stains everywhere in the bedroom; the way he leaves the book in the toilet – these nagging habits that would leave you irritated in the beginning start becoming part of life, you start anticipating them and smilingly accept these flaws as you live together for a long time.

And these are what haunt you when they are no longer around – when you go to the toilet and find it spic and span with no books precariously hanging on the flush tank; when you do not see your wife’s hair on the bathroom floor or when you do not find all the wiring messed up (because she was “cleaning”) or when you no longer find her bindis stuck all over the mirror – this is when you start missing her. The loneliness creeps from the inside and you yearn to feel her presence around, hoping to hear her voice nagging voice from the next room, when you realize that all that surrounds you is silence.


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  1. khansjak said, on July 22, 2013 at 11:57 am

    Wonderful Article. Heart Touching Topic. Took me for a ride for a while… Thanks for writing this 🙂 it helps… i really mean this.

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