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Joys of an incomplete life [by Sharada]

Posted in Uncategorized by Ratheesh & Sharada on July 21, 2013

What do you do when you have a fixed set of goals and you end up achieving all of them? Like in case of an athlete whose only goal in life was to win gold at the Olympics and after chasing this dream for 25 years, it comes true. Do you set new goals or do you retire? Can life be confined to a limited set of tasks or “things to do”?

Aren’t the things always evolving just like the universe which is always expanding; or like our own lives that are also constantly evolving? What might have looked like utopia a few years ago might be obscure now. What might have sounded like a safe career earlier might be a joke now. Of course, you can constantly revise your goals. But what if your goals are not matching or nowhere near the ones you listed earlier each time you revisit them?

Is a mind that wavers considered “risky” and “unstable” or do we call it free and uncontained? What others consider “settled” can be suffocating at times? You have one life and one life only but there are unlimited set of things to do – you cannot do all but you should do all that you can do and all that you wish to do, not limiting to a set of choices or topics. It might put you at the risk of ending up a fool; a jack of all trades of sorts. But what are you trying to prove? Whom are you trying to please? Whose master do you prefer to be – of trades or of yourself?


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