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Amongst the Sholas [by Ratheesh]

Posted in Environment, Travel, Trekking by Ratheesh & Sharada on November 17, 2012

The temperature drop was drastic as we drove through a narrow winding road. The road would take us to Pudhiya Edam; where we intended to stay for a day. It had been long since Saleem had invited us to come over to this place located almost at the edge of human inhabitation.

Our landmark was the Muneeshwaran Temple, the gate after which we looked out for a curving, ascending, non-tarmac stretch that posed a challenge to our car but sent our adrenaline shooting through the roof. We bid the car goodbye at a turn where only the human body could go further. Carrying our luggage we reached our destination by noon. Starting early from Bangalore, it took us hardly a day.

With a stream running alongside that befriended you with a musical welcome and promise of constant company; with dense sholas that surrounded the huts you will be caught surprised that such paradise exists just round the corner from where you parked your car. The ambience of the place immediately got us hooked.

We spent an hour or two just sitting at the dining area and talking. Interruptions when one of us spotted a bird here or an insect there were very frequent. In fact hardly a minute goes by without the Ghats exploding into some kind of activity.

Saleem suggested a walk up the hill all the way to Muneeshwaran temple and beyond. We readily agreed. In an hour we were walking up a non-existent pathway through absolute wilderness following Saleem into what we expected would be a spectacular culmination. And was it not?

Once right on top we could spot hills far, far away. And being a beautiful day when god woke up on the right side of the bed, the sky was a painting in itself. We spent a good amount of time up there before racing against the sun while descending. With Saleem to trust we almost believed that all roads would lead to our hut.

The hut was the ideal living conditions and complemented the surroundings. Made of earth, thatched roof and a floor polished with naturally available material you would be caught standing outside the door admiring the creators. Incidentally we never actually slept inside.

Come night and we spread some warm bedding outside the hut and moved from one dream to another, the transition, almost unnoticeable. Such was the beauty of the land.

Situated a few hours from where we lived, just a few kilometers from Talapuzha in Wayanad, Pudhiya Edam was definitely something we would have terribly missed if we had not made the effort.


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