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Give me blood, and I will give you the World Cup [by Sharada]

Posted in Animals by Ratheesh & Sharada on March 19, 2008

Recently I came across this ad, which offers, as one of the various attractive prizes, a chance to live your favourite celebrity’s life just for a day.
Just picture this – waking up in a soft bed, with bed coffee being served, having the choicest of gourmet food at your disposal at the snap of a finger, traveling in a luxurious, chauffer driven limousine, with fans trailing behind just to catch a glimpse, socializing with the who’s-who of the film industry, going on a dinner date with an attractive actor… Sounds extremely tempting, isn’t it? You bet.

Well, on second thoughts, I beg to disagree; especially if the celebrity happens to be Mahendra Singh Dhoni, our beloved Indian Cricket Team captain. At this point, some of you might be puzzled; some others might dismiss me as insane. I mean, why on earth would someone not like to be M.S Dhoni? Just look at him, all of 26, commanding an envious paycheck, extremely popular, leading a world champion team successfully, in short, leading a dream-life. Well, almost.

If you are curious to know why, well, for one, I wouldn’t ever take the life of a poor innocent baby goat for my success. Not for my team’s success, not for anything in the world. No, Thank You.
Why would I choose to be a cruel-hearted person, even for a day, when I am not? Why would I choose to keep aside my culture, my values and go back to being an uncultured, barbaric person? Why would I choose to be a hypocrite, hugging my pug on one day and sacrificing an innocent baby goat on another? Why would I tarnish my image and be called a superstitious, pseudo-religious, uneducated fool?
After reading about our cricket captain’s Goat-Sacrifice-for-WorldCup-Success incident (read about it here), I’m not sure how many of you might still go ahead with the idea of swapping your life with the one and only M.S Dhoni, even for a day. I surely wouldn’t. I would personally consider it shameful and demeaning to my personality. Why fancy tainted success that comes at the cost of an innocent life?

Now, some of you might think – what is the big deal? A lot of people engage in such inhumane practices. Why pick on our poor captain alone?
I can think of two reasons why; one, the fact that he is the captain of a world-class cricket team, which goes without saying that he holds a very responsible job. He not only serves as a guide to his team members, but also as a role model to millions of fans all around the world. When you are such a celebrity, your life will be closely watched, and in certain cases, emulated. So you need to take extra caution to do the right thing and ensure your actions do not hurt anybody.
Secondly, being an educated youth of India, he should understand that such superstitions and blind beliefs are to be discouraged and snubbed. It is quite unbelievable to note that in this highly advanced age, educated, well-informed people can fall prey to such blind beliefs.

Now that the damage has already been done, all I can do is hope this incident does not spark off a nation-wide mass murder of innocent animals for the sake of cricket matches. I can only hope that the youth are more rational and not emulate this brutal act blindly. It is our moral responsibility, as citizens of a non-violent country to spread the word and stop such senseless practices in the name of religion. As I continue to live in hope, I recollect Gandhiji’s famous words “The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated”.

– by Sharada


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