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Blame Them Hang Them [ by Sharada ]

Posted in Animals, Environment, Social Work by Ratheesh & Sharada on March 13, 2007

There have been so many cases of dogs killing children in recent times. I have my deepest sympathy for the parents who lost their young kids. It is definitely heartening to understand what they are going through. There is absolutely no doubt that it has been a very shocking incident.

The sad part is the people who are demanding all dogs be killed are neither concerned about the children who died or the dogs. They are selfish souls who only think about their own safety. What surprised me was, in this whole incident, the general emotion was that of anger, not sorrow. This is a very important observation since it reflects the mentality of the people. People have becoming less tolerant, more violent, extremely restless and insensitive.

What we are failing to understand is, animals are a part of nature. They have their own way of living. It is best we leave them to live that way, and not interfere. But humans have exploited them so much that the animals feel insecure. If we observe the behavioral pattern of dogs and humans, we find that in lesser-populated areas, they live in complete harmony. Dog bites, if any are treated as natural disasters and left to nature to take its course.

But as the population increases, the urbanization increased. The struggle for food and space also increased. We have added problems of overcrowded roads, unmanageable traffic, polluted environment and unclean surroundings. With respect to behavior, we have become more aggressive, less tolerant, less loving; and all these have influenced the human-animal relationship too.

People have become less tolerant towards animals and less loving towards their one-time-best-friend, the dogs. This has a direct influence on the animal behavior. Animals, sensitive as they are also start developing similar qualities towards human beings. Added to this, the food and space constraint have forced the dogs to encroach each other’s territories, often leading to bitter fights among themselves.

People are only noticing the direct results of these changes. They fail to see the root cause of the problem and hence the complete picture. On further analysis we find that it is not just the dogs that have turned aggressive, it is humans too. This is clearly seen in road rages, frequent scuffles, and insensitiveness towards others. So, these dog bites are only a small portion of a much larger, more complex problem

Assume for a minute that all dogs are successfully caught and killed. Would that solve all our problems? Would that result in a clean Bangalore with no threat to kids? I feel, infact this would worsen the problem. It would make the kids grow up lesser loving, lesser sensitive. It will increase crime, it will increase people’s temper; make them more aggressive. People who are protesting and demanding the killing of dogs are only thinking short-term. They are only looking at the tiny ripple when an entire Tsunami is out there waiting to happen.

That comes to the question, what is it that can solve this problem now? Of course it is wishful to think. We snap our fingers and all problems get solved. And the easiest way is to get into the blame game. Blame the Govt, blame the authorities, but we are sure that this will not lead us anywhere. We need a full-fledged combined effort from the Govt and the people to find a solution. Let me put down a few points for each category.

– Assure the people that it is in complete control.
– Educate people on the rights and wrongs and the probably solutions.
– Use the media to reach out to the masses and educate them about various policies.
– Have a group of knowledgeable people to study the problem in depth without any bias
– Make a plan to dispose garbage effectively and avoid illegal dumping of garbage. This has to be monitored and have strict laws and punishment on violation
– Close down illegal meat shops in residential areas. Provide a proper, regulated monitoring system for this.
– Intensify vaccination of dogs.
– Encourage people to adopt dogs, own them and provide incentives and maybe tax benefits to people who adopt dogs.
– Study the ABC program, its pros and cons. Sterilization is not the ultimate solution for stray dog problem.
– Have a definite plan, and achieve it. Adopt a more proactive approach.

– Stop blaming the Govt for each and every issue
– Understand our responsibilities towards society and follow rules laid down by the Govt.
– Keep surroundings clean, stop throwing waste on the road, open areas; use the waste disposal vans Govt. provides.
– Develop compassion towards animals. Respect live. Be sensitive to animals and educate children.
– Come forward and extend your love towards animals. Adopt a few stray dogs in your area. There will be only plus points in doing so.
– Understand the problem, learn to think logically and work with the authorities to solve it together.
– Spread awareness and take responsibility of things
– Be humane towards all creatures. This is the most important of all. Develop compassion and love.
– Slow down your life.

Stop to smile at a dog on the street. It will smile back. Show them your love and they will give it back to you.


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