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Stray Dogs – Menace or Mute Victims [ by Sharada ]

Posted in Animals, Environment, Social Work by Ratheesh & Sharada on May 3, 2006

The trend these days seems to be “Hate Dogs!! Kill Dogs!!”. Well, everyone seems to be very happy to critisize these poor animals, which were once “Man’s best Friend”. Thats why we decided to react. Sharada took up the responsibility of writing an article which we have sent to a leading newspaper. Lets wait and watch if they publish it. Meanwhile, here it is…

Stray Dogs – Menace or Mute Victims

I was pained and angry to read about the attitude of people towards the stray dogs in our city. What do they expect? That the city should be swept clean of dogs and all of them taken off to some concentration camp and killed mercilessly? That animal welfare organizations are some kind of pied pipers who at the press of a button just appear out of nowhere and clear the place of dogs? I fail to understand why are they targeting their frustration towards these mute creatures? Why can’t they learn to live with them and accept these animals as a part of the community? It was even more distressing to learn that all this hue and cry was about some dogs outside their houses, which appeared to them as “ferocious”. It was not that they were bitten; it was just that they “thought” the dogs were a menace.

Consider the number of road accidents and crime committed by human beings, are these people doing anything to stop this? Or are they asking the Govt. to ban all the vehicles that caused accidents or clear up the road of all vehicles? What about the crime committed against the common man, are we killing all the criminals without giving them a chance to plead innocent? What about our own kith and kin that have cheated us, do we give them the death sentence? If not, then why the dogs? What right do we have over them that we get to decide their life, how they live to suit our whims, and when they should cease living? Is it just because they cannot speak for themselves? Or is it just our ego that we consider them lesser to us?

I am no animal activist, I am just a normal person who loves life and all creatures, irrespective of whether they are dogs, cats, buffaloes or humans and believe that we all have equal rights to live. All the animals on this earth have co-existed since ages, it is we who have entered their territory and occupied pieces of land, which we claim as ours. The animals have been kind enough to let us be. Instead of getting rid of them, why cant the people teach their kids to love animals, to make friends with the dogs, instead of building up hatred towards them?

The stray dogs are the most gentle and friendly creatures, they adapt very well to our lifestyle. Instead of complaining, why don’t these people come forward to adopt them and take care of them? They don’t have to keep them inside their marble floored houses, but at least feed them two square meals a day. Once the dogs understand that they will not be harmed, they will be extremely friendly and protect us. The children by themselves won’t hate animals; it is the parents who try to build a fear in their minds. Instead if they take initiative to be friendly and also teach the children to treat animals with love, they will not only save the helpless animals and themselves, but also build a very good value system for their children.

Just imagine, all it takes is a few kind families to come forward to adopt these animals, and there would be no “stray” dogs at all. It could be easier said than done, but it is the most simple and sensible solution that I can think of to solve this problem.


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